Integrity. Courage. Originality. Wit.

This rugby clobber is old school to the bone: 10 ounces, 100% cotton that's made to take a beating, wherever you wear it, rain or shine, and to look go-to-hell gorgeous, even after you wash it half to death. No pocket. (As J. Peterman says, you have to carry everything you have in your head.) We've sewn on the tackle twill letters (and the Oneupmanship sleeve patch) like we mean business – they aren't coming off for anything, ever. Unapologetic authenticity is expensive these days, for good reason. No excuses given; we guarantee you'll love our values and vigor. And humor. Last you a lifetime.

You'll never really own this beauty – you'll just be adding patina for the next generation. $150.


Extremely limited quantity, so be quick, or be envious.

Stand up straighter.

Our damn good enough 100% cotton UP-i-tee shirts are not distressed, pre-shrunk, or faked to look like you've worn them forever, because you haven't. We believe you can't buy character. If you want your Old's Cool to look old school, you know what you have to do — wear it out into the world and make something of yourself. Limited edition long sleeve is Made in the USA and is only $35 - hurry'up.


Our friend Jim sporting the short-sleeve Old's Cool flannel-under look on his 1959 Triumph – all iron, sinew, and real.

Old's Cool = Old School + Wit™